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Always with the strongest

Always with the strongest

Thanks to our passion in sports, in particulary, running – Ideal Line sponsored Wigry Marathon which took place on 20 August 2016.

We are pleased that we could be a part of this adventure. Thanks to the organizers Gabriela Gajdzińska and Krzysztof Gajdziński, that we have made this possible. To support our clients who also are into running, and to promote our company brand and to introduce with our products, we have prepared special proposal for runners – Ideal Line clients. We will cover participation fee for trials until the end of next year.

Please find information in Polish

This is the marathon which brings you to the marvellous places. The stunning course through the Wigry National Park, around Lake Wigry. Narrow and winding forest trails just next to the lakeshore, long wooden footbridges hanged above deep swamps, dirt road and just as little asphalt as it’s possible. Running through these landscapes you will breathe with clean air – the region is called Zielone Płuca Polski (Polish Green Lungs). Read more about Wigry Marathon.