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Cabinet safes by Ideal Line – top security level

Cabinet safes by Ideal Line – top security level

Idea Line presents a range of products intended for individuals and entities concerned about the safety of cash, jewelry, documents, media, and any other items of material or sentimental value.

Cabinet safes in Grade III, IV and VI are must-have equipment to ensure safety of high-value items and cash at homes, in offices, schools, hospitals, banks, churches, agencies, jewelry stores and banks (depending on the needs).


blog sejfySecurity is guaranteed by double-wall steel construction of the safes that are highly resistant to being force opened, proper thickness of the casing and door (dependent on the Grade) and a system of locks and bolts. The standard fittings include key locks and a mechanical or electronic combination lock. Safe deposit boxes can be mounted to the floor: anchors come with the standard equipment.

Highest security standard

Models of all grades are available in various size ranges. Depending on the size, the safes have from 1 to 5 height-adjustable shelves with load capacity up to 50 kg.

The product range represents a classic design available in standard light gray color, but you can order the product in any color from the RAL palette.

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