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Devices dedicated to petrol stations

Devices dedicated to petrol stations

blog sejfThe specific requirements for ensuring the safety of depositing cash in cash-handling places, such as shops, petrol stations or pharmacies, make it necessary to use a special deposit device.

Deposit drum safes are modeled on cabinet safes of appropriate grade designed for cashiers and petrol station staff in order to secure the transfer of cash to the manager’s room. They consist of two integrated devices: a cash storage safe and a deposit drop element.

Deposit safes with a drum

Our products in this class of devices are successfully used at petrol stations of large fuel companies all over the world. DS-BP and DS-HS deposit safes were developed based on Grade II safes in accordance with PN-EN 1143-2 requirements. They have a deposit component in the form of a rotating drum, which is part of the “anti-fishing” protection shield which effectively prevents accessing wads of cash or securities deposited inside.