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Exclusive safes – Italian quality for Polish market

Exclusive safes – Italian quality for Polish market

It all started in 1912, when the award of an Italian handcraft competition Weil Weiss was given to the safe. The author of this small artwork was Silvio Conforti, passionate about metalwork and an experienced artisan. By receiving this award, he opened his doors to the apartments of the wealthiest Europeans and established world-famous companies. Anyone, who owned something valuable and appreciated the beauty of industrial design, wanted to have the safe of this company.

Even after century, the Exclusive Safes brand is still on the top. Interior designers, architects, art experts and business representatives, who look for the most secure safes, select Conforti products. And this is because only Conforti Exclusive safes combine modern and high-tech craftmanship protection. All Exclusive safes are handmade, which makes them individual works of art.

We have a great news for all arhitects, interior designs, individuals and companies, who wish to have Conforti Exclusive safes. From now on you can buy Exclusive safes in Poland – the most suitable product will be offered to you by Ideal Line!

When making a partnership with this Italian company Conforti, we knew it will turn out great. Innovative solutions guarantee the safety of the stored value and also the appearance. Conforty Exclusive safes are made from the best quality materials, and connects handy finish into a luxury design. The manufacturer takes care of every detail, making the armor form dependent of the needs and special preferences of the customer. This also makes it possible for the Exclusive Safes to be placed in a hidden place or like an interior object.

“Having Conforti’s legendary safes is an honour and an opportunity to offer our customers the next best quality product,” says Iwona Łobasiuk, CEO of Ideal Line. “By choosing Exclusive safes they will enjoy the satisfaction of having an exceptionally durable product that is a secure safe and a work of art at the same time.”





By ordering the Conforti Exclusive safes from the Ideal Line, you can decide both inside and outside design. Starting with the number of shelves, cassettes, covers, security locks, ending with an internal finish. In short, the ordered safe will be precisely adjusted to your needs!

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