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Notus office furniture – create space in your company

Notus office furniture – create space in your company

“Our managerial staff are modern and open to new ideas and suggestions.” This is what employees say about the owners of offices furnished in the Notus system.

And no wonder – only modern and open-minded managers can be interested in NOTUS office furniture collection. Furniture plays a key role in shaping the manager’s image. NOTUS achieves this through impeccably clean and simple lines, and elegant, minimalistic forms. The result is a smooth and positive image. NOTUS furniture is completely devoid of unnecessary elements, everything is functional and comfortable, perfectly matched to the dynamic working day of a manager.



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Create your individual office space

NOTUS furniture system is also perfect for business meetings. Brainstorming, heated discussions and decision-making require a place where everyone feels comfortable and considers themselves a member of the team. NOTUS conference tables help create such meeting places. NOTUS system is available in the range of office furniture offered by Ideal Line Sp. z o.o.