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Long gun cabinets

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Long gun cabinets


Grade S1 metal cabinet designed to store weapons and ammunition, protecting it from access by unauthorized persons’ access, theft or accidental access by children.

It offers space (drawers) for short guns, special handles to keep rifles and cleaning rods in place, ammunition shelves and weapon maintenance supplies.

Design features and basic fittings

  • height: 150 cm x width 61 cm x depth 47,5 cm
  • weight: 140 kg
  • Grade A key lock
  • single-wall steel construction
  • 3mm body, 5mm door
  • S1 certificate
  • 3 horizontal and 2 vertical bolts
  • 2 pull-out drawers for short guns
  • holder for 5 pieces of long guns
  • holders for cleaning rods
  • external hinges, opening angle of 250 °
  • wall/floor anchors
  • guarantee: min. 60 months, lock – 12 months
  • shelves with adjustable height every 25 mm
  • lower metal base

Additional options

  • different color
  • individual branding and size
  • additional shelves
  • additional lockable safe deposit box
  • combination lock or electronic lock
  • door contact and bolt position sensors
  • additional handle for 5 long guns
  • ammunition-storage version available

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