Ideal Line - Cabinet, deposit and cashiers safes, secret documents safes, gun cabinets, strongroom doors, office equipment | About us
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About us


Founded in May 2011, Ideal Line is a distributor of office furniture for enterprises, as well as private and public institutions.


We product offer includes metal furniture: filing cabinets, store shelves, staff lockers, school cabinets and lockers for changing at swimming pools or in sports clubs.


We offer mechanical protection and storage devices for cash, securities, jewellery, documents and other valuables. Our product range includes certified office cabinet safes, deposit safes and strongroom doors in different security Gradees, all compliant with the relevant PN-EN requirements.


 We have also designed many models that are manufactured only for us by cooperative companies.


 We can arrange full interior design, from consulting the client about his needs, through presenting a project based on standard products we have on offer or on custom products tailored to client’s individual needs, to production, delivery and assembly.

Ideal Line – accept the challenge

The majority of Ideal Line employees are passionate about sport. Many of us actively participate in competitions – by winning consecutive matches, being the first to cross the finish line, crushing our fear of pain, physical effort and intimidating distance of yet another marathon. Thanks to sports challenges we move up on the ladder of personal development and we apply the experience gained in sport in business.


Every marathon we run, every kilometer we cover on a bike, every goal we score as a team teaches us that planning each step is absolutely necessary, teamwork is essential and the individual’s capabilities are limitless. It also proves every time that taking a risk is worth it as long as one is well-prepared. This is what Ideal Line applies in every business operation.

Do you want to grow? We will be happy to help!

The main principle at Ideal Line is to share knowledge and experience. We create a product offer aimed at meeting the individual needs of every client.


On starting cooperation with the client, we always want to learn about their expectations. Then we prepare a concept, step by step, and finalize the carefully prepared implementation of the ordered project. This strategy has allowed us to win every time – provide the highest standard and quality to companies and offices – both in Poland, as well as in France, Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg.


Today we encourage individuals, companies and institutions interested in the Ideal Line product range to contact us via email or telephone. We will answer all your questions. We are open to any proposals of business collaboration.

Do you have the same passion?

We will be happy to cooperate as sponsors with sporting events organizers and institutions focusing on child and youth development. Ideal Line has helped many young and old athletes prepare for the challenge, take it on, finish the fight and achieve success. The success with Ideal Line.


Among many others, we have sponsored the following events and institutions: Wigry Maraton, Łemkowy Ultra Trail, Ultra Śledź and Suwałki Cultural Centre with whom we organize Children’s Day fun activities every year.


Now we will be happy to help you! Contact Ideal line and tell us about your needs and expectations.