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Cabinets with secure containers for weapon storage

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Cabinets with secure containers
for weapon storage


Special solution for safe storage of weapons by armed formations and services (police, army, prison guards, security officers). The product was designed in response to special needs indicated in this area and on our experience in the development of custom products that meet non-standard requirements.


Cabinets with secure containers for weapon storage allow storing a gun in a secure locker intended for a specific person. We are able to customize the product to meet your needs by modifying the configuration and dimensions of cabinets and lockers.

Cabinet without front door

The cabinet is fitted in a secure room or inside a building with round-the-clock security. It is used by police officers who want to leave their guns in individual lockers. An ideal solution is a cabinet with secure lockers but without the front door.

Cabinet with front door

Sometimes a cabinet is placed in a room or building that is not under round-the-clock surveillance and requires increased anti-burglary protection. Our proposal is a cabinet with front door.

We suggest mounting an electronic lock on the front door to allow each police officer to open it by entering their personal code. The computer system lets the person responsible for building security know who opened the door and when.

Multiple secure containers

If a room is too big for a cabinet with front door or a large safe, we propose a cabinet containing smaller secure lockers. Individual parts are joined together and attached to the wall, providing protection of weapons and persons having authorized access to them.

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