Ideal Line - Cabinet, deposit and cashiers safes, secret documents safes, gun cabinets, strongroom doors, office equipment | Lady business club – membership
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Lady business club – membership

Lady business club – membership

We are constantly looking for new solutions to become a better partner for our customers.

We search for inspiration by looking up to the best, hence our decision to join the ranks of female entrepreneurs – Lady Business Club.

Lady Business Club is located in the brand portfolio managed by Business Unlimited Emilia Bartosiewicz Ewa Czertak Sp. J. (which also includes Akademia Marka z Klasą (Personal Branding Academy), portal, the title of Ambasadorka Klasy (Ambassador of Class) and the “A Brand with Class” logo).

IWONA ŁOBASIUK, President of the Management Board at Ideal Line Sp. z o.o.